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Increase Parking Lot Safety with Pavement Marking

Whatever type of industry you’re in – whether it’s insurance, retail, financial planning, real estate or virtually anything else — you want your customers, vendors and employees to be safe when they come to your place of business. That’s just common sense. But unfortunately in this day and age, when law suits are all too common, you also need to protect yourself and your business from ending up in court due to someone being injured in your parking lot. These are all excellent reasons why it’s so important to make sure that the pavement in your parking lot is clearly marked. An added bonus – even if you can’t afford brand new pavement, a fresh coat of striping will do wonders to make your parking lot as good as it can look!

To help you plan your striping project, we’ve compiled this list of markings that will keep pedestrians and vehicles safe in your parking area:

  • Disabled/handicapped parking spaces – This is not just a nice-to-have. Signed into law in 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act mandates that disabled parking areas be made available, and clearly marked and located as close to the entry to your business as possible. If you don’t have these designated parking areas – or if your markings are hard to see – it’s important to refresh the pavement marking and signage as soon as possible.
  • Parking spaces – Faded striping for regular parking spaces not only takes away from the curb appeal of your business; it’s also a hazard for both pedestrians and vehicle traffic. Make sure that your parking spaces are clearly marked and visible.
  • Pedestrian crosswalks – Pedestrian walkways should be obvious and easy to see for visitors. Consider also adding a Stop sign directly in front of the crosswalk for an added measure of protection.
  • Arrows to direct the flow of traffic – It’s not always obvious how traffic should safely flow through a parking lot without arrows painted on the pavement to direct that flow. Make sure your visitors can clearly see where to enter and exit your parking area, as well as which way to drive between rows of parking spaces.
  • Fire and emergency lanes and loading zones – Parking lot regulations vary from state to state, so be sure that you’re following your state’s guidelines when it comes to fire and emergency lanes. If you have large trucks making deliveries to your business on a regular basis, remember to have loading zones clearly marked so other traffic won’t block those trucks from making their deliveries.

Keep visitors to your business safe with new striping for your parking lot. Contact a reputable local paving contractor for more information.