seaside daisy

Pavement-Friendly Plants

Surrounding your new pavement with a nice variety of plants can add tremendous appeal to your landscape. But it’s important to remember that the water needed to irrigate those plants can wreak havoc with your pavement. In fact, water can easily damage both asphalt and concrete surfaces. To avoid this, be sure to choose the right plants to surround your paved surfaces – preferably those that require very little irrigation. What follows is a list of pavement-friendly plants.

  • Mexican sage: In warmer climates, Mexican sage can be an excellent choice for landscaping along paved areas. These plants are quite hardy and usually easy to grow. They produce lovely purple flowers when in bloom, and when they’re not in bloom they still provide a beautiful gray-green shrub border for your landscape. Best of all, sage is extremely drought-tolerant and requires very little water to survive.
  • Seaside daisy: Even if you don’t live next to the sea, this low-growing ground cover can be a great choice for a border alongside asphalt or concrete. These daisies grow wild in many areas of the country, and do well with little or no maintenance at all. It’s often a good choice as a plant alongside driveways since it only grows to about 1 foot in height.
  • Lantana: Fast-growing lantana is another excellent choice for warm climates. Choose from a variety of flower colors, including yellow, white, pink, orange, and blue. Although lantana requires some watering while it is growing, once it becomes established it requires very little.
  • Texas sage: Native to Texas and northern Mexico, this drought-tolerant plant produces beautiful silver-green leaves and purple flowers for months on end. Like many other plants, they require some watering as they grow, but once they’re established they need very little. You’ll no doubt need to trim these shrubs periodically since they can grow to well over 8 feet tall if you don’t.
  • Rosemary: This versatile plant is a great addition to virtually any landscape plan. The perennial evergreen produces brightly colored blossoms in white, pink, blue or purple. An added bonus – not only is it a beautiful border, it smells good too!

Whether you’re updating an existing landscape or creating an entirely new garden, be sure to take care when choosing which plants will border your paved areas. By selecting drought-tolerant varieties, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape and protect your asphalt or concrete surface, all at the same time.