Where to Turn for Asphalt Paving

Killeen Asphalt Paving Specialists, Since 2005

If you think it’s a challenge to find quality asphalt paving services in Killeen, think again! Bennett Paving Inc. is proud to serve Killeen and the entire Central Texas area. Our trained staff of experienced professionals can handle whatever asphalt or concrete needs you may have – from the smallest project to the most expansive. We use only the best materials available, and we guarantee that your project will be done with the highest quality possible.

A Local Asphalt and Concrete Contractor

When you need new paving or surface repair done, it’s always tempting to go with the lowest price contractor available, no matter where they’re located. But that’s not the best choice when it comes to asphalt and concrete. Because your pavement and concrete surfaces are subject to damage due to local weather conditions, it’s particularly important that you choose a local Texas asphalt contractor – one that understands what kind of climate your asphalt and concrete surfaces will have to endure. At Bennett Paving Inc., we know what it’s like in Central Texas – after all, we live here and own our business here. That means we understand Hill Country weather and how best to keep your asphalt and concrete looking good for years to come. Not only are we “local,” but we guarantee that our prices are fair and reasonable!

Services We Provide in Killeen – Asphalt Paving and More!

Asphalt Paving and Crack Sealing:
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a brand new driveway or parking lot? Of course it would, but at Bennett’s, we know that a completely new surface isn’t always necessary. It’s possible that simple crack sealing will repair your existing surface. Let our asphalt crack filling experts assess your needs and recommend what’s best for you.

Asphalt Repair, Resurfacing, Seal Coating and Maintenance:
Our trained professionals understand everything there is to know about blacktop paving, including all types of repair, resurfacing, seal coating, and maintenance. Not only do we provide paving services for Killeen, we’ll also help you to establish a regular maintenance routine to help you keep your asphalt and concrete in “like-new” condition for as long as possible.

Concrete Seal Coating and Crack Filling:
Although we pride ourselves on being asphalt specialists, we can just as easily handle all your concrete needs as well. If your concrete surface needs a “facelift,” let our experienced professionals recommend concrete seal coating and/or concrete crack filling.

Parking Lot Maintenance:
Of all the asphalt and concrete surfaces imaginable, parking lots probably require the most maintenance of all. It’s no wonder, considering the amount of weight they ensure on a daily basis, not to mention exposure to weather and fluids from vehicles. Our blacktop paving specialists will suggest the best ways to repair and maintain your parking lot in Killeen and keep it “tip-top” for years to come.

Concrete Wheel/Car Stops:
Don’t trust wheel and car stops to just any contractor. These concrete barriers prevent vehicles from rolling, so it’s extremely important that you choose a contractor whose work you can trust – like ours at Bennett Paving.

Pothole Repair:
If you notice a pothole and don’t have it repaired right away, disaster can happen! The pothole can grow at an amazing rate and can easily turn into a major expense. Let our experts repair your potholes quickly and permanently, before disaster strikes!

Reliable Killeen Asphalt Contractors

If you’re looking for reliable, local asphalt contractors, your search just came to an end!

Contact us today. We’ll provide a free asphalt paving estimate for any potential Killeen customer!

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