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If you’re looking for an asphalt paving contractor in New Braunfels TX, you’ve come to the right place! New Braunfels is such a beautiful place to live, so it only makes sense that you want your property to look its very best. That’s where we come in. Whether your project involves a small driveway, street paving or a large commercial parking lot, our professional staff has the years of experience you’re looking for in an asphalt paving contractor. We use the best materials and complete each and every job with the highest quality possible.

Choose a Local Asphalt Contractor

You wouldn’t choose a landscape designer from New York to work on your Texas garden, would you? Of course not! You would want someone local – someone who understands how local weather conditions can affect your garden and which plants grow best here. Well, believe it or not, asphalt and concrete is very similar. After all, weather impacts blacktop paving and concrete just as it does plants. From our hot Central Texas summers to our occasional torrential rains, your asphalt pavement and concrete can easily be damaged by the weather. That’s why it’s so important to choose a local paving contractor. At Bennett’s Paving Inc., we understand our Texas climate, and we’re careful to recommend the appropriate repair and maintenance schedule to keep your asphalt and concrete looking new for years to come.

Asphalt Paving and Other Services We Provide

Asphalt Paving and Crack Sealing:
Although a completely new asphalt surface is always an attractive addition to any property, you may not need a new surface. It’s entirely possible that all your asphalt pavement needs is crack sealing to look next-to-new. Bennett’s trained professionals will recommend what’s best for you, your property, and your checkbook!

Asphalt Repair, Resurfacing, Seal Coating and Maintenance:
While we definitely pride ourselves on our paving services in New Braunfels TX, we’re also proud of the asphalt repair we provide. That includes resurfacing, seal coating, a regular maintenance routine and more.

Concrete Seal Coating and Crack Filling:
At Bennett’s, we don’t just work on asphalt. We handle all your concrete needs as well. Whatever the problem may be, we can handle the concrete repairs that are needed to make it good as new again from concrete seal coating to concrete crack filling!

Parking Lot Maintenance:
There’s no doubt about it – parking lots require a lot of maintenance. Whether it’s due to the wear and tear from daily use, or our extreme weather conditions that can damage any asphalt or concrete surface, we’ll provide the parking lot repair services to maintain your property: crack sealing, seal coating, parking lot striping, etc.

Concrete Wheel/Car Stops:
Whatever your wheel or car stop needs are, it’s important to know that these concrete barriers that prevent vehicles from rolling are solid and secure. Our experts use only the finest quality concrete materials.

Pothole Repair:
Potholes happen! When potholes happen in New Braunfels, trust Bennett Paving Inc. to repair them quickly and permanently – before they grow into an even bigger problem.

Affordable and Quality Asphalt Services in New Braunfels

Not only will our experts do the job right and on time, they’ll also do it within your budget.

Contact us today for a free estimate if you’re looking for the best asphalt paving contractor in New Braunfels TX!