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Why It’s Important to Hire a Locally Owned Paving Contractor

Most people know that it’s best to “buy local” in order to support local businesses in general. But when it comes to choosing a paving contractor, it’s even more important to choose one that is locally owned. Here are just a few of the many reasons why that’s true:

  • They know your climate. Weather can have a huge impact on asphalt and concrete pavement from the time it’s first installed and throughout the course of its lifespan. Which times of year are best to install a new paved surface will depend, to some extent, on where you are located in the US. Paving contractors in the northern states, for example, may have a much shorter season than those in warmer areas. The frequency of seal coating – an important part of maintaining asphalt and concrete pavement – will also depend on your climate. Only a local paving contractor will know your climate as well as you do.
  • You can see actual projects that they’ve completed. Instead of simply seeing photos on a website, you’ll be able to actually visit a contractor’s recently completed projects in your area if you choose a locally owned company. You’ll also be much more likely to know other people who have worked with the contractor you’re considering, and nothing compares to word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends.
  • Their after-sales support is usually superior. If a company is locally owned, their business depends to a large extent on their local reputation. That means that their customer service support is likely to be much better than a paving contractor whose home office is halfway across the country.
  • You’ll be supporting local business. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, it really is best to “buy local” if you can. We all want our local businesses to thrive and be successful, and choosing a locally owned paving contractor will help support commerce and the economy in your area.

Of course, there are other considerations when choosing a contractor. You’ll need to make sure that they’re licensed, insured and bonded, for example. You’ll want to check their references, both online and from people you know, if possible. And you’ll want to make sure that the quality of their completed projects meets your expectations. As you begin your search for a paving contractor, a great place to start is by narrowing down your search to locally owned contractors.