Why Asphalt Repair Is Not a DIY Project

If you’re like most business and homeowners, you like to save money wherever you can. Often, you can do that by tackling chores or small projects on your own. In many instances, that works out great. Washing your own windows, power washing the exterior of your home or business, or refinishing floors, for example, are excellent ways of saving some money. But sometimes, doing it yourself is not such a good idea – which is the case when it comes to repairing asphalt.

There’s no doubt that you could buy the materials you need to patch your own driveway or business parking lot. In fact, asphalt repair kits are sold at most home improvement stores. They’re even relatively easy to use, but it’s still much better to leave asphalt repair to the professionals. Here’s why that’s true:

  • You need to make sure you understand the extent of the work that needs to be done. The damage that is apparent on the surface of the pavement may not be the whole story. Those cracks that you can easily see on the top of your asphalt may be an indication that there is additional damage underneath. If that’s the case, patching it yourself won’t do any good, and you will have just wasted your time and money trying to repair something that you can’t fix on your own.
  • The DIY asphalt repair kits you can buy in a home improvement store aren’t nearly as high quality as the professional repairs that are done by a reputable paving contractor. There’s more to patching asphalt than simply pouring filler material into a pothole or crack. Most of the time, you need to remove some of the surrounding pavement in order to make a smooth surface first. And most of us don’t have the tools or expertise to accomplish that. As a result, the repairs that you make yourself with one of these kits usually don’t last long, and the damage reappears a short time later.
  • Repairs made with a DIY kit can end up costing you even more money. That’s because any material that you add to your asphalt surface in an effort to repair damage will ultimately have to be removed by a professional contractor anyway in order to completely repair the surface. And that means that it will take even longer for a contractor to make the repair – which means you’ll pay more for those repairs.

If your paved surface needs to be repaired, it’s always smart to begin the process by contacting a reputable local paving contractor. They can assess what needs to be done, provide you with an estimate, and get the job done right the first time.