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Why Right Now is a Great Time for Parking Lot Maintenance

The coronavirus has taken a devastating toll on businesses throughout the U.S. In fact, in many states, companies that are considered to be “non-essential” have been instructed to close their doors for the next few weeks in an effort to prevent spread of the virus. But there is a glimmer of good news: if your business is closed right now, it may be a great time to catch up on maintenance tasks that you haven’t had the opportunity to do recently. And one of those is parking lot maintenance. The exact steps involved in maintaining your parking lot will depend on the age of the pavement, but generally speaking most paving contractors will recommend the following:

  • Cleaning – The most basic type of maintenance for any parking lot is one you can do on your own: keeping it clean. Make sure to sweep or blow off any debris that has collected, and to do this on a regular basis throughout the year. Anytime leaves, trash or other debris is left to collect in areas on the pavement, it can trap water. And water can very quickly damage the pavement.
  • Filling of cracks and potholes – If you have potholes in your pavement, that’s a pretty obvious indication that you need repairs to be made. But cracks should also be filled promptly. In fact, even the smallest cracks can allow water to seep through the surface of the pavement, and that can quickly lead to more extensive damage.
  • Sealcoating – After asphalt is initially installed, most contractors recommend applying a protective layer of sealcoating within 6 months or so, then every 2 to 5 years thereafter. It all depends on the amount of heavy traffic that the surface is exposed to every day, as well as what kind of climate you live in. A local paving contractor can provide specific recommendations for your parking lot based on these variables. A good quality sealcoat will not only make your asphalt look brand new; it will also guard against water and sun damage, both of which can prematurely age asphalt pavement.

Here’s some good news: this pandemic won’t last forever, and before you know it, you’ll be back open for business. And there’s more good news: most paving companies are considered to be essential businesses, particularly since they are responsible for taking care of our municipal, state and federal roadway systems. So if you haven’t done so already, now is a great time to contact a reputable paving contractor in your area and schedule a time for your parking lot maintenance.