garden path

How to Improve Landscaping with a Garden Path

An interesting garden path is often a great way to instantly improve the appearance of your yard or business landscaping, Pathways can define areas, add interest and give people and pets a place to walk without harming lawn and plants. You may be surprised at how much a path can help to beautify outside areas as well. Here are a few things to consider before adding a walkway to your yard or business landscape.

  • Location of the path: A walkway can be used for many different purposes. If you want to highlight certain areas of your garden, create a path that meanders through those areas. If you want to define different areas of the landscape, you can use a walkway to mark that delineation. Whatever the reason for your path, plan its location so that it accomplishes that goal.
  • Shape of the path: Without a doubt, a curved walkway is more interesting that a simple straight path. But usually the existing layout of your yard or outdoor area and your reason for having a path in the first place will help to define the shape you choose. If you simply want to separate two different areas, or define a traffic path from one area to the next, a straight path will work. But if you want to show off garden plants, or add intrigue and interest to your landscape, consider a curved or serpentine shape.
  • Width of the walkway: Your path should be wide enough to accommodate two people walking side-by-side if possible. A walkway that is too narrow is not only unpractical; it usually looks unbalanced when set into the rest of the landscape.
  • Material used for the path: There are a variety of materials available for walkways – from gravel to stone pavers to simply dirt. But all these materials have drawbacks. Gravel and dirt pathways can quickly look untidy after they’re used a few times. And stone or brick is usually very expensive. Instead, consider adding either an asphalt or concrete walkway. These materials are not only easy to keep clean and tidy; they’re also durable and attractive. You may be surprised at the number of different options available for asphalt and concrete as well, including stamped, painted, colored, textured, etc.

If you’re looking for a way to make your yard or business landscape really stand out, start planning your walkway today! Contact a local paving contractor for help with design ideas and for more information about the versatility of asphalt and concrete.